Bru Clean

A pre-engineered wastewater treatment system designed to help craft brewers save money & comply with local regulations easily.


BRÜ CLEAN is the only proven chemical-free system that reduces BODs, TSS, TKN, TP and pH levels safely below discharge requirements.

Now small and large craft breweries and brew pubs can avoid environmental penalties and dramatically reduce water usage affordably and be environmental citizens.

Fastest ROI for any brewer’s capital investment:

  • Helps eliminate surcharges
  • Provides chemical-free wastewater treatment
  • Reuse water + reduces environmental impact
  • Provides a plug + play solution with the smallest footprint
  • Supports brewers with access to government grants + financing

Keep costs down. Simple to operate + easy to maintain by brewery staff. No specialized training needed. No expensive repairs. Easy to implement + be self-sufficient.

Average Treatment Results

Avg. Before
Avg. After
Reduction (%)
BOD 300 6900 99 99%
TKN 100 190 23 88%
TP 10 93 2.6 97%
TSS 350 5400 35 99%
pH 6 to 8 5.4 7 Balanced