Wastewater Reuse is an essential part of any municipal wastewater treatment plan. Our Direct Potable Reuse System (DPR) is the answer to many critical water shortages.

  • Reclaims up to 80% of water from wastewater
  • Removes chemicals, biological & hazardous contaminants
  • Disinfects & Provides valuable water to the distribution system
  • Real Time Water Quality Monitoring

ECONSE is helping municipalities to reuse their wastewater, thereby giving valuable relief from drought situations and water shortages. Our system will supplement the increasing demand for water with useable recycled water meeting all requirements.

ECONSE Advanced technology is capable of processing and cleaning millions of gallons per day of contaminated water to specs that are cleaner than bottled water.

Our inline process can help optimize and improve any new or existing wastewater treatment facility, by reclaiming up to 80% of the water from the wastewater stream.

Our process will greatly reduce any unwanted chemicals being discharged into the environment while providing valuable water to the distribution system.