ECONSE Advanced Water Purification Units provide the latest in decentralized treatment for new and expanding Municipalities.

For Drinking Water, our packaged systems can be installed as the primary Drinking Water Treatment Plant (WTP) or as part of an inline solution to improve performance.

For Wastewater, we improve existing Municipal Wastewater plant processes to comply with regulatory requirements through out proprietary processes and cost effective solutions.

All Units are portable turnkey system, housed inside a shippable shock-proof and weather-proof container to eliminate any expensive building costs.

Our systems are designed to be the next generation of decentralized water & wastewater purification for North America and International markets.

  • A Modular World Class Water Treatment Facility
  • Provides instant additional capacity to Municipalities
  • Portable for Emergency or Disaster Applications
  • Multiple Sites can be operated from one Command Center
  • Solves difficult drinking water problems
  • Provides real time monitoring of water quality ensure public safety