News & Updates

1The Glass Fabrication Industry

Econse Performed a successful demonstration of our Advanced Filtration Solutions for a Toronto based Glass Fabrication Company.

The Glass Fabrication industry, like many other industries produces wastewater with fine and ultra fine particles as well a


2Econse Met With Cuba’s Deputy Trade Minister

Econse met with Cuba’s Deputy Trade Minister, Ileana Núñez Mordoche & her Trade Delegation in Toronto, as hosted by the Canadian Council For the Americas, to discuss emerging water and waste water issues for their country as well as the relaxing of the int


3Join Econse Water Purification Systems Inc at The Ontario Water Works Association’s Annual Conference & Trade Show in Toronto

The Conference continues to be the premier drinking water event in Ontario, consistently attracting over 900 delegates from all areas of industry #water15 #OWWA


4THM & HAA Removal Test

ECONSE preformed a pilot study to remove THMs and HAAs from drinking water as a secondary inline process. This represents a new way to provide solutions for communities with localized problems such as water towers and stand pipes.



5Total Nitrogen Waste Water Removal Unit

Econse and our partners performed a successful pilot project in Europe at an industrial site.
The Factory produced a wastewater containing a high concentration of Total Nitrogen.
This wastewater causes extreme algae growth, and poor air quality due to


6Happy New Year!

ECONSE started of 2015 by visiting Trinidad & Tobago as part of the Canadian High Trade Commission to present new ideas for Advanced Water & Waste Water Treatment.


7ECONSE participated in a DRINKING WATER pilot study in TEXAS

A remote city in Texas was chosen as the site to demonstrate the WATERHORSE’s capabilities in cleaning polluted (brackish) water from a well and to produce clean safe drinking water.

This system has many applications including:


8Econse Launches Website & Twitter Account