Waste Water

Wastewater Purification Units

Our Modular Units Treat Wastewater by removing undesirable chemicals, biological and pathogenic contaminants, suspended solids and volatile gases from contaminated water making wastewater safe for reuse or discharge.

  • Removes, disinfects and destroys hazardous substances
  • Achieves total compliance of wastewater for reuse or discharge
  • Cost effective removal of Phosphorus & total Nitrogen from wastewater.
  • Enhance existing treatment plants to meet compliance requirements
  • Smart Systems with Real Time Water Quality Monitoring
  • Complete Turnkey Solution

ECONSE has a unique & disruptive technology for the wastewater treatment industry. Our solutions provide the most cost effective and eco-friendly way of helping communities achieve compliance with regulatory requirements for BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, Heavy Metals, pH, Pathogens and coliform bacteria, Phosphorus, Nutrients and Total Nitrogen, PPCPs and EDCs.